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Chloe Temple – the Only song not about how fucked the shed crustaceans


they Say bad luck if a black cat way to go… so this guy doesn’t do well either… toli because of the fact that a skinny girl in a black cat costume walks around his house, toli because of the fact that he, the bitch, lives with a fucking cavaishchitsa who considers herself not a person, but a cat (I’m not a fucking person anymore… I’m a fucking beast!). Anyway, the guy decided to take out his resentment for all his failures, taking up the upbringing of a psychopath. Luring her with his mouse, he laid her on his lap and began to slap her ass, but even this punishment was taken as a game by the crazy woman, who clutched her clever mouth directly into his penis… it was a good thing that instead of sharp, catlike teeth, her mouth had a playful, pink tongue, with which she carefully licked his cock and eggs