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Lost my wife’s anus in checkers and fucked her with my best friend in two barrels


Somehow strange they played – put on a bet anal of his wife, lost, and even fucked her himself… moreover, no one asked my wife about anything (on the other hand – what the fuck!? The girl was just happy when she found out that she could have sex with her husband’s best friend for free and she would get nothing for it). The girl already looked like a pig because of her snub nose and cheeky face, and when she began to squeal and squeal (well, fuck – it’s not so howl when two members simultaneously hammer both holes) like a pig, so I began to have doubts at all-and whether she did not have boars in the family. One of these guys was probably a Ukrainian, because his face showed how he was dreaming of a piece of cold bacon with garlic, but continued to stare at the Latin ass, wielding his dick, like a true descendant of the Zaporozhian Cossacks with a combat saber…