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Stupid, young fool Luna Rival just really wanted to go to the Institute


I entered the Institute named after Michurin, and I knew that they would fuck me, but I just felt it in my heart! A young, 18-year-old grupyshka has always dreamed of studying in St. Petersburg, but the woman Glasha from the village scared the poor thing, saying that it is harder to get into a UNIVERSITY than to Shoe a flea! Teachers are all angry, scary and do not go to contact – all for money! Well, where does such a young girl get money from?.. but as it turned out-the Dean of the University was not a bearded villain without one eye, but a very respectable man, and even polite so that the little pussy of a rural provincial immediately got wet – as it turned out in practice, you can enter the Institute not only for the money – just allow the entire teaching staff to periodically let her fat ass around